WinLabs Information

Revised 8/1/2010 -1
WinLABS/On-line Processing

One of the most important duties of the association manager includes the use of WinLABS (adults) and/or on-line processing (youth). WinLABS is a computer software application created by USBC Headquarters and provided free of charge to associations for the paperless processing of:

  • Certified adult leagues
  •  Adult awards and award inventory reports
  •  Seasonal average books
  •  Tournament information
  •  Adult dues accounting
  • Association and center information
  • Association officer, director and member data

The association enters adult data into WinLABS and transmits the information to USBC
Headquarters electronically. USBC Headquarters receives the league and member information and the association’s account is electronically debited for appropriate adult dues.
To support the WinLABS program, the WinLABS helpdesk can be contacted at any time via e-mail at or by phone during business hours at (800) 514-BOWL, ext. 3431.
Processing instructions and many answers to WinLABS questions can be found in the WinLABS Tournament Manual or the WinLABS Support Manual.

In addition, WinLABS’ online self directed tutorials are available to assist in learning how to use WinLABS.
Occasionally, software updates are made to the WinLABS program. For information on how to obtain updates through the WinLABS program, please reference Chapter 10 of the WinLABS Support Manual.
WinLABS Backups
A backup is an additional copy of the WinLABS database saved on some form of media other than a computer’s hard drive. As an additional safeguard, it is important for associations to backup its WinLABS database on a routine basis, in the event the association’s computer would crash or fail.
Backup media (CD-Rom or flash drives) should be replaced at least once per year. Just as important, be sure there are at least three sets of backups that are rotated regularly. Backup data should not be stored in the same place as the WinLABS database.
In addition to routine backups, twice yearly, a backup of the association’s database must be uploaded to USBC Headquarters in case something should happen to the association manager’s computer and data cannot be recovered. The first upload must be completed after “starting new season” in WinLABS. With up-to-date backups, USBC Headquarters will be able to assist in the reinstallation process to ensure that there is no loss of data.
Contact the WinLABS helpdesk at USBC Headquarters for assistance in backing up the database to flash drive, or CD-Rom, or assistance in uploading a database to USBC Headquarters.
Revised 8/1/2010  -2
Membership Processing
The association manager is responsible for the administration and processing of bowler information, tournament scores, awards requests and association board data to USBC Headquarters. (If an association does not have access to a computer, or the help of a neighboring association with a computer, and cannot process information via WinLABS (adults) and/or on-line processing (youth), that association can contact USBC Headquarters for approval to mail member information directly to USBC Headquarters where it will be processed for a service fee of 2.00 per paying member.)
Specific local association/youth processor responsibilities include:
• Transmit membership information to USBC Headquarters within 20 days of receipt.
Membership transmittals will include the automatic withdraw of national and state dues
(where applicable). USBC Headquarters will then electronically transfer state dues (where applicable) to the state association(s).
NOTE: All associations are required to use electronic banking. However, associations have complete control over any charges made to their respective bank accounts. Electronic transactions are processed only after the association has verified and approved the amount. It is not possible to process an electronic transfer without the association’s approval.
• Process requests for USBC awards within seven days of receipt. All additional achievements also should be entered into WinLABS/on-line processing to provide a member with a history of achievements.
• Transmit all board member and Youth Leaders Chapter (if applicable) information within 20 days of election and maintain the accuracy of the information. State associations submit updates via mail, fax, or e-mail to USBC Headquarters.
Providing quality and timely administration and information maintenance for each member is a top priority. When a bowler becomes a member, he/she enjoys the full support and benefits of the local, state and national organizations.
At the beginning of each winter or summer season, member information, centers and leagues that were part of the association in the previous season automatically are included in the database for the upcoming season.
In addition, all adult membership products, achievements and awards from the prior season automatically are included in the WinLABS database for historic purposes.
New bowlers can be added at any time.
Membership Card Fulfillment
When member information is transmitted to USBC Headquarters, the member is issued a card that identifies the local association to which the member belongs.
To ensure every USBC bowler receives a membership card from USBC Headquarters, it is critical the information for each bowler entered is complete and correct. This includes entering each Revised 8/1/10 3 member’s e-mail address, as USBC Headquarters uses this means of communication to provide updates and information to members.
In addition, WinLABS allows the association to tailor its adult member welcome letters by providing a list of messages that can be customized to include specific details about association tournaments, local achievement awards, the association Web site and other valuable benefits offered by the association.
Sending Member Information Kits and card information directly to the bowlers allows USBC Headquarters to enhance communication with members by including information pertaining to services, time sensitive messages, or additional benefits. Although the Member Information Kit and card are mailed from USBC Headquarters, the return address on the envelope will be the association’s address. This is to help facilitate the distribution of these materials if they cannot be delivered. If any are returned to the association office:
• Confirm the member address information is correct.
• Transmit the correct information to USBC Headquarters.
• Deliver the Member Information Kit to the member.
• If the association is using the national processing center to process memberships, let USBC Headquarters know of any address corrections.
Local associations/youth processors should inform its members if they do not receive their USBC membership card, they should contact the association/youth processor. The association/youth processor can then contact USBC headquarters and/or refer the bowler to to reprint their membership card.
The association can also generate a bowler verification letter for an adult bowler via WinLABS, to be signed by the association, confirming average and membership for bowlers who require documentation for tournament participation. The youth processors can generate an average verification report through the internet.
Online Replacement Cards
Assuming the member has not “opted-out;” replacement membership cards can be produced and printed by the bowler through the “Find-a-Member” feature on The association manager/youth processor should pass this information on to the members at an annual meeting, post it on the association/center Web site, or distribute it any way members will receive the information. Please note a replacement card can only be printed by the bowler for the current season, and the member must hold an active membership.
To print a replacement card:
1. On, click on the “Find-a-Member” option.
2. Conduct a search either by ID number or name.
3. Once the bowler is identified, click on the bowler’s name to display a list of current and past memberships.
4. Finally, click “reprint card.”
Revised 8/1/2010 -4
Processing Award Information
All qualifying achievements are processed through the WinLABS program (adults) or the on-line processing program (youth). WinLABS provides updated achievement history and award tracking for adult members.
WinLABS instructions for processing can be found in the WinLABS Support Manual. Chapter 2 of the WinLABS Support Manual contains the information for setting up achievements and awards and Chapter 6 provides processing instructions.
Awards are issued the first time an achievement is earned during a fiscal year. If a bowler repeats an achievement during the fiscal year, each repeat is entered into either WinLABS (adults) or the on-line youth processing (youth) as a multiple. By entering all achievements, including multiples, the bowler’s complete achievement history is maintained.
Even though the repeated achievements are recorded, additional awards are not issued. When a multiple honor score award is earned, a certificate is sent acknowledging the accomplishment.
Processing Frequency
Prompt and excellent service is important to USBC members; therefore, awards should be processed in a timely manner. The USBC Association Policy Manual requires awards are to be processed within seven days of receipt of the award application. To ensure this is met, the association manager may wish to set up one day each week to process awards.
Fulfillment Tracking
To determine the status of an adult award, fulfillment is tracked automatically when adult awards are processed through WinLABS. Association managers can go to the Report Wizard within WinLABS and run specific fulfillment reports (See Chapter 8 of the WinLABS Support Manual). Local adult awards also can be tracked through the WinLABS program (See Chapters 2 and 6 of the WinLABS Support Manual).
Averages The association manager of a local association is required to provide all league secretaries with the National ID number of each participant in the league by the end of each league schedule or the association cutoff date for submission of averages, as determined by the board. The easiest way for the association manager to accomplish this is to print an updated league roster from WinLABS (adults)/on-line processing (youth) (which includes the bowlers’ National ID numbers), and distribute it to the league secretaries.
This requirement will allow the league secretary to enter the National ID numbers into his/her league secretary software and maintain the information season-to-season. As a result, this will help eliminate multiple ID numbers due to nicknames and same name confusion (i.e., two individuals in a league with similar names, including Jr., Sr., II, and III) in the future.
Revised 8/1/2010 -5
It may be advantageous to provide a handout/flyer outlining this requirement at the annual league secretaries meeting.
Average Listing
The association must maintain an average listing of all members of the association that have bowled at least 21 games. The average listing could be in print or in an electronic format; however it must be readily available. For instance, the listing could be in the form of a yearbook, posted on the association Web site or posted at bowling centers. Refer to Chapters 5, Section B, Item 15 of the USBC Association Policy Manual for information regarding what must be documented in the average listing.