Tournaments Bid Information

Bidding Requirements & Forms

1) Minimum of 12 certified lanes
2) Lanes available for shifts of Saturday& Sunday
3) Personnel adequate to handle:

  • a) Contact person in your town to help work with tournament director for a sub list and to have volunteers for tournament
  • b) Bowler registration table
  • c) Scorekeepers
  • d) Bracket management ($10 for men, $5 for women) Split is 50/50 between local & state
  • e) Sale of tournament merchandise towels) state will have one uniform towel for all three tournaments (men, women, and youth)
  • f) On site raffles (men & women) bucket raffles, 50/50 raffles during each shift proceeds to go to local association or local grand prix fund.
  • g) Hotel and restaurant flyers all tournaments (local will go and sell or put together a local flyer with motels and rates and restaurants in their community proceeds to go to the local association) Local Association will provide rooms for tournament director. These flyers to be given to the tournament director to be sent out with confirmation and put on the state web site.

4) Hotel accommodations for a minimum of 50 rooms a weekend.
5) Cleanliness is a must. The overall appearance as well as restrooms must have regular maintenance during the tournament.
6) Proprietor can place bid without their local association commitment as long as they can provide the items above (#1 through #5).
7) Due date by association and/or proprietor by Sept 1 each year.
8) All bidders must be financially capable of hosting tournament.

Revised August 2013

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